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- Acquiring a monthly subscription will grant access to all the masterclasses of DakApp's catalogue for a month, starting on the date of purchase (31 calendar days). This includes available classes at the time of purchase as well as others that might be added to the catalogue during the amount of time of the subscription.

- As with individual purchase of masterclasses, the classes will only be accessible through the app (Android/iOS).

- Inside each masterclass, it will be possible to access the masterclass video, the analysed score and the research study (as long as they are available for the masterclass) as well as watching the interview. Access to the teacher's questions section will not be granted, as it is only available through individual purchase of the masterclass.

- The subscription can be renewed before its end by purchase of a new subscription. In this case, it will be extended by a month from the expiration date (an additional 31 calendar days, starting on the expiration date of the active subscription). The subscription will not be automatically renewed.

- No returns or refunds will be admitted once the subscription is purchased.

2 masterclass 5% discount

3 masterclass 10% discount

4 masterclass 15% discount

5 masterclass 20% discount

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